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Ticket Purchasing Terms

The Website has been developed and operated by S.S.A. SOLD OUT LTD operating under the name SoldOut Tickets, to provide users with the opportunity to collect information about events, cultural events, concerts, theatrical performances, sports events, etc., to check the availability of tickets and purchase them.

The Website acts solely as an intermediary for the sale of tickets for various events etc. provided by third party providers and according to the terms and conditions that they, that is to say, the Third Party Providers, form and disclose to the users.

The following terms are intended to help you understand the process of buying tickets from your obligations and your rights towards S.S.A. SOLD OUT LTD.

1. A ticket purchase from SoldOut Tickets is made either online or at a physical authorized ticketbox location through the use of VISA & MASTERCARD credit cards via the secure JCC system or any other gateway system coorperating with SoldOut Tickets or by cash (based on ticketbox agreement). A Service Fee and Transaction Fee per ticket are added to the face value of each ticket. The Service Fee and the Transaction Fee are clearly stated before the completion of each transaction, and they are in no case refundable to the purchaser of the ticket.

2. The check for the correctness of the information on the ticket is the responsibility of the buyer who must inform Soldout Tickets in earlytime before the event for what is not correctly displayed.

3. Each ticket bears a unique barcode. If not, the ticket purchaser is responsible for communicating with Soldout Tickets to replace it. Tickets without a Barcode are not allowed to enter the event.

4. Each ticket must be presented at the entrance of the venue, at the date of the event for which it was purchased.

5. The ticket purchase gives you the right to attend the event only if the conditions of the SoldOut Tickets (S.S.A SoldOut LTD), the theatre or venue and the organizer are accepted and respected.

6. The ticket holder has the right only to enter at the place of value corresponding to the ticket purchased.

7. Student, discounted or other special tickets are valid only by showing the necessary supporting documents.

8. Beneficiaries of reduced tickets are, as the organizer/producer determines each time.

9. The ticket is not refunded and is not exchanged and issued subject to the regulations of the SoldOut Tickets (S.S.A SoldOut LTD), venue and the organizer of the event. Full details are available on request.

10. Upon start of the event, seat numbering does not apply and the Venue and/or the organizer reserves the right to deny entry. 

11. The Producer/Organizer reserves the right to make any changes to the date, time or venue of the event as well as the availability of seats and may change the ticket prices during any given time throughout the ticket sales. Tickets remain valid for the event and no refunds are issued unlsess the Organizer authorises such refunds.

12. The Producer/Organizer reserves the right to make any of the sold seats unavailable for any reason and inform the clients of this change by offering same value seats to the client or the option for a refund.

13. If the show/event is postponed due to extreme weather or force majeure or any other reason beyond the control of the Producer/Organizer including restrictions and prohibitions imposed by the Government on proceeding with the organization of the event as originally planned, an announcement will be made by the Producer/Organizer to reschedule the show/event at the same venue or at a different venue on a new date and all tickets purchased will be honored and valid for the new date. Ticket holders are not entitled to a refund unless specifically authorized by the Producer/Organizer. In case the Producer/Organizer grants permission for such refunds (otherwise refunds are not allowed), then only the face-value of each ticket is returned to the ticket holder and not the Service Fees and Transaction Fees paid at the time of ticket purchase and represent the ticket sales service completed and provided by the ticketing company SoldOut Tickets upon completion of the transaction.  In no case is SoldOut Tickets responsible for the postponement and change of performance of the show/event and it carries out exclusively the instructions of the respective producer/organizer.

14. If the show/event is canceled permanently, due to extreme weather events or force majeure or any other reason that is either subject to the Producer/Organizer or any reason beyond the control of the Producer/Organizer, including restrictions and prohibitions imposed by the Government for the performance of the event as originally planned, SoldOut Tickets acts according to the instructions of the respective Producer/Organizer and informs the ticket holders explaining their options. Depending on the instructions of the respective Producer/Organizer, SoldOut Tickets (a) either refunds the face-value of the tickets to the buyer's credit card (extra credit card charges may be deducted) within a period to be announced, (b) or refers the ticket holders by notice to receive their refund ticket face-value from the Producer/Organizer directly, (c) or announces another alternative way of compensation based on the instructions of the Producer/Organizer. The final responsibility for the refund in case of cancellation of the show/event lies with the Producer/Organizer and the refund procedure depends on the timing of cancellation and financial status pertaining the cooperation between SoldOut Tickets and the respective Producer/Organizer. In no case are the Service Fees and Transaction Fees that were paid at the time of ticket purchase refunded, as they represent the ticket sale-service that is completed and provided by the ticket company SoldOut Tickets upon completion of each transaction, at the time of the transaction. SoldOut Tickets is an intermediary between the Producer/Organizer and the ticket buyer and in no case is SoldOut Tickets responsible for refunds that based on the cooperation, should by responsibility be returned to the ticket holders by the Producer/Organizer who was solely responsible for the delivery of the final product (show/event) to the consumer.  It is understood that SoldOut Tickets operates in good faith and with a view to serving both the Producers/Organizers and the ticket buyers/holders.

15. It is strictly forbidden to use the ticket for advertising or commercial purposes unless a written agreement is in effect with the producer.

16. It is forbidden to enter the venue  by the influence of alcohol or other substances.

17. The transfer and possession of glass bottles, beverage cans, weapons, flammable materials, and other sharp and dangerous objects are expressly prohibited. No backpacks are allowed when entering a Concert.

18. It is forbidden to video record, photographing and audio record a part or the whole of the show / event by any means (such as mobile phone, camera, camcorders, etc.) and for any purpose.

19. Ushers and security staff are in the venue/event area for the purpose of service and safety of the public, as well as the smooth conduct of the show/event. The public has to comply with the instructions of ushers and security staff.

20. By purchasing this ticket, the holder agrees and accepts unreservedly the possibility of his appearance on any video or video recording of part or all of the performance/event on the part of the producer.

21. The ticket owner expressly states that any appearance on the recorder's or video recording by the producer does not affect his personality or any other right and hence has no claim against the producer or the organizing company.

22. Ushers and security staff have the right to remove any viewers causing obstacle to the smooth development of the spectacle and / or the right of the other spectators to watch the show/event.

23. All claims are the sole responsibility of the organizer and to the extent permitted by law.

24. In the event of any issues or disagreements arising through the purchase procedure of tickets, we will always strive to find a solution in the interest of our customers. Our Customer Service Team is happy to help you with advice and assistance. You can reach us via email at [email protected] or use our website contact form to inform us about your concerns.

The European Commission also provides a platform for online dispute resolution (ODR) which can be accessed at

25. S.S.A Soldout Ltd is an independent company providing ticketing services for organizers/producers and event venues and acts exclusively as an intermediary between the organizer/producer and buyer of the tickets. The company does not take any responsibility for incidents related to events for which tickets are sold or purchased and reserves the right to revise the above terms. 

26.By buying the ticket the buyer accepts all the above terms.

For any questions, please contact us via email at [email protected] 

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SoldOut Tickets belongs to S.S.A Soldout Ltd and is an independent Ticketing Service Company for producers, organizers and venues and acts solely as an intermediary between the producer and the purchaser of the ticket.

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