When: 27/09/2023

Tickets: From €25

Duration: 1h 10m (no break)

Ages: 8+


About the event:

This year coincides with the dates of the death of Alexander the Great (323 BC) and the 150th anniversary of the great Sergei Rachmaninoff.
Music by Rahmaninoff.
Ballet speaks of man's eternal desire for freedom and unity of people, where people understand and respect each other.
The ballet was created on the basis of classical ballet using modern ballet trends. We hope that despite all the difficulties of our life, ballet can remain the connecting thread of friendship between people.

More about the event:

The performance is based on the life of Alexander the Great and is named after the idea of a beautiful horse, running towards freedom, but facing life’s obstacles.
King Philip, leaving for war, says goodbye to queen Olympiad and his son, Alexander.
Alexander becomes an excellent warrior and begins his conquest to unite people and introduce the philosophy of his teacher, the philosopher Aristotle.
Next to Alexander are always his loyal childhood friends.
With great victories comes the pain of loss.
Alexander loses his friends and his loving girlfriend.
Sadness and disappointment torment his soul.
Alexander dies and goes to another world to meet with people dear to him.
Life, this great gift from Heaven, brings new ideas and hopes for happiness and love.
Choreographer – Liliya Sabitova
Characters and performers:
Alexander the Great – Alessandro Mennillo
King Philip – Alexander Tarasov
Companion – Antonio Fiorillo
Hephaestion – Francesco Minicinno
Slave girl – Arianna Guastaferro
Amazon – Myria Koulla
Imperial Russian Academy /Vani Vrondi/ takes part in the ballet:
Warrior Princess – Pava Vojinovic
Warrior Princess – Sofia Petukhova
Warrior Princess – Mila Zdravkovic
Nymphs of joy and sorrow:
Nymph – Alina Stolbova
Nymph – Alexandra Pazenko
Girl with a white dove – Sofia Ivanova
Little Alexander – Artemy Muraviev
General Producer – Petros Steriotis

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