Where: THE WAREHOUSE - Event Space by IT Quarter

When: 31/05/2024 - 01/06/2024

Tickets: From €30

Duration: 1h + Discussion

Language: Russian / Ukrainian


About the event:

Mahamaya Electronic Devices is a performance that touches on all the main topical issues of our life: society, psychology, science, philosophy and spirituality. This is a show with electronic music and computer graphics, where the main character is a unique text by Ivan Vyrypav, composed only in the form of questions and answers, which are asked in front of the audience at a fast pace by four actors and try to answer them. The play is at the same time a modern entertainment show, and psychological training, and a spiritual experience. According to numerous viewers from around the world who watched the performance, at the end we get not only pleasure from the quality of the show, but also a truly valuable life experience. Which? Experience is an experience that cannot be described in words. You need to come and get it.

More about the event:

What's Happening: Against the backdrop of a big screen are four performers. At great speed, they exchange questions and answers that relate to the most important areas of human life - science, politics, family, drugs, sex, religion. Briefly outlining all the complexity of the world, they try to answer the question "who am I?".  This hour-long "meditation" makes it clear that the answer to this question lies beyond language.

What you'll feel:
Eleutheromania (Greek, ελευθερομανία) is an intense, irrepressible desire for freedom.
Dépayser (French) - Disorientation; not necessarily unpleasant (e.g., a pleasant feeling of being unusual from being in a foreign country).
Resfeber (Swedish) - Travel fever/wanderlust; The feeling of excitement and nervousness that a traveler feels before embarking on a journey.

What you need to know: This is a new play by director and playwright Ivan Vyrypaev, who combines his interest in theater with spiritual practices. This almost universal text was embodied in performances in Ukrainian, English, Romanian  and other languages, clearly showing the ability of a cultural object to overcome national borders. Vyrypaev's text directed by Nikolai Mishin is unique in that it first makes you think intensely, and then feel intensely.

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