When: 20/06/2024 - 22/06/2024

Tickets: €20 ADULTS | €10 (UNDER 18 YEARS OLD)

Duration: 2 hours 20 mins - No intermission

Ages: Recommended Parental Guidance 12 +

Language: English


About the event:

Experience the timeless tale of William Shakespeare’s “King Lear" at Ancient Kourion Amphitheatre. Brought to you by Performing Arts for Cyprus Charities, and in support of Cyprus Alzheimer Association.

Follow the story of King Lear as he divides his kingdom among his three daughters, only to be betrayed and descend into madness. Featuring a talented ensemble cast, each character is brought to life with depth and nuance, exploring themes of power, loyalty, and family dynamics. "King Lear" is a timeless classic that resonates with audiences worldwide, offering an unforgettable theatrical experience filled with drama, passion, and Shakespearean brilliance.

Don't miss your chance to witness this epic tragedy live on stage by the team of Shakespeare at Kourion, back again for your summer entertainment. Book your tickets now for an evening of captivating storytelling in an unforgettable location.

More about the event:

Important Information:

o    Proceeds to Cyprus Alzheimer Association
o    No food or drink allowed in the amphitheater (only water)
o    Recommended to bring a cushion or you can rent a cushion from Coeur de Lions Club for 2 euros each on site (all proceeds go to children living with cancer)

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