When: 11/05/2024

Tickets: €12

Duration: 1 hour 30 min | no breaks

Ages: No age limit

Language: Armenian |no subtitles


About the event:

Music and dance hold a special place in the heart of Armenians. Throughout history, each has served as a way to bind the Armenian community together and create new identities while paying homage to the traditions of the past. In Armenia and across its many diasporas, dance is an important means of building community. Taught in schools and after school programs, it is a common aspect of social life.
You are invited to experience the vibrant spirit of Armenia come to life through a mesmerizing dance performance by talented Armenian dance groups.

For the first time HAMAZKAYIN SIPAN DANCE GROUP of Cyprus and KOUSAN CHOIR of Lebanon will be performing as a song and dance ensemble on the stage of Nicosia Municipal Theatre.

More about the event:

The Hamazkayin Armenian Cultural & Educational Socxiety of Cyprus is the Cyprus branch of the world-wide Hamazkayin organisation which deals with educational and cultural affairs in the Armenian Diaspora.
In Cyprus, the activities of Hamazkayin include, among others, the Armenian folk-dance groups SIPAN in Nicosia, ANI in Pafos and KILIKIA in Limassol.
For Hamazkayin, the traditional Armenian folk dance is a fundamental part of Armenian Culture and our society endeavours to keep it alive and pass it on to the new generations of Cypriot Armenians. To achieve this, we invite professional dance teachers to teach this beautiful art form to our youngsters. At present, our dance instructor and artistic director is Mr. Krikor Keleshian from Beirut, Lebanon.
Although Sipan members are young Armenian amateurs, the group has achieved a high standard of professionalism throughout the years. Our annual event of SIPAN and the other dance groups is an important date in the cultural calendar of Cyprus. The group also participates in other cultural events and festivals in Cyprus and abroad.


KOUSAN CHOIR-since 1910
The "Kousan" Choir of Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society was founded in 1910 in Constantinople , by Father Komitas. The tentative of this choir is to sing classical patriotic and spiritual musical works. The first choir group has around 300 singers. In 1919; student of Komitas Parsegh Ganatchian revived the Choir in Constantinople till 1921. After that, in 1932 the Choir survived by the efforts of Parsegh Ganatchian in Lebanon and they performed in several Armenian communities in Lebanon several regions, Damascus, Aleppo, Baghdad, Constantinople. During 1990’s, the Choir turned under the take care of Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society . After Parsegh Ganatchian, Dr. Emmanuel Elmajian, Kevork Kandaharian, Haroutyoun Topigian and Yervant Yerganian conducted the choir. Later on, the choir was conducted by Barkev Taslakian. At present, Krikor Alozian conducts the choir. It has around 50 members. Its repertoire includes Armenian sacred music and choral music of Armenian renowned composers such as Komitas,Yegmalian, Kara-Murza, Ganatchian, Aznavourian, Mazmanian, Tchoukhadjian, Begoyan and Avetyan.

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